Jenkins CYPRESS_RECORD_KEY cypress-example-kitchensink-record-key

This is just an environment key, you can set whatever value you want, so if you have Jenkins access already, you can add one as following:

You need to sign up first a project at the following link:

Manage Jenkins > Manage Credentials > (globals) > Add Credentials
# Select Secret Text and then enter as following 
Secret = Mv2kFxoKCPtYpz7gFXiTZkFHga7Ou4cp # This key was given by, you need to go there to get one
ID = cypress-example-kitchensink-record-key
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Cypress Jenkins Your cache folder contains root-owned files

I recently ran into this issue and it took me a while to find this solution, basically to set a home

agent {
    // this image provides everything needed to run Cypress
    docker {
      image 'cypress/base:10'
      args '-e HOME=/tmp -e NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=/tmp/.npm'
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