vscode 1.60 terminal git bash windows

On Windows there has been a problem with Git Bash not recognizing since version 1.60 in Vscode, the following settings.json part is needed to bring it back (need the whole part, not just for git bash)

      "terminal.integrated.profiles.windows": {
        "PowerShell": {
          "source": "PowerShell",
          "icon": "terminal-powershell"
        "Command Prompt": {
          "path": [
          "args": [],
          "icon": "terminal-cmd"
        "GitBash": {      
          "path": "C:\\Dev\\Git\\bin\\bash.exe",
          "icon": "terminal-bash"
      "terminal.integrated.defaultProfile.windows": "GitBash",      
      "terminal.integrated.automationShell.windows": "C:\\Dev\\Git\\bin\\bash.exe"
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